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The Top 10 Most Effective Arm Workouts for Men

Working out and exercising is a fun activity. It helps your body in a variety of ways, and performing the most effective arm workouts for men will get your arms in shape in no time. But, just what are the benefits of exercising in general? Why do it?

First of all, exercising improves your mood. It cheers you up and makes your day a bit brighter. Working out also improves your memory. If you can improve your memory and get healthier at the same time, what’s better than that? Finally, arm workouts hold off the deterioration of your bones.


If you want to keep your bones healthy, working out reduces the risk of bone injury — a modest price to pay for ease of mind when it comes to your body.


When lifting, it’s important to stay safe. It’s easy to strain a muscle or worse, and it happens when you think you know how to lift. Take caution when exercising. For starters, wear proper shoes. Wearing slippery shoes may cause you to lose your balance, and that’s the last thing you want to do when working out your arms.

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When performing the most effective arm workouts for men, you also need to start slow. It’s easy to think that you can lift more than you actually can. Start slow and low, meaning only perform a few repetitions at a weight you’re 100 percent certain you can handle.


Along with the points above, it’s vastly important to warm up and cool down. If you don’t know how to do so, consult a professional who can advise you on how. Warming up and cooling down gets the body ready for the workout and brings it back to normal, respectively.

Think about some cardio beforehand and stretching afterward. Also, if you feel any pain whatsoever, stop immediately. You can’t continue to work out your arms if you’re hurt, so stop and rest. Finally, start out by working out your arms two to three days a week. Your muscles need time to repair and build, so rest in between your arm workouts is important.


Choosing these arm workouts for men takes into account the results of these exercises.


Simply put, these exercises are the best at whipping your arms into shape. They vary in ease-of-access, but all are worth trying at least once. These arm workouts for men focus on the biceps, triceps, and shoulders — although there are a few other muscle groups involved like your core and your back. All are fantastic workouts.


You know the safety tips for lifting, and you know your limits. Now, learn exactly what workouts are worthy of your time. They all test your resolve and grit. These exercises aren’t easy but are worth the sweat as you see your arms become shredded. Note that you can find a weight chart here to find out what weight you should start at when doing curls.


If you ever walk into a gym, you will probably see someone doing the barbell curl. In some gyms, people perform the barbell curl in front of a large mirror so they can keep an eye on their posture. It’s one of the easiest arm workouts and only requires a barbell and weight.


A successful barbell curl requires you hold the bar with palms facing away from you while resting the barbell in front of your legs. You then curl your forearms and contract the biceps as you bring the bar up. Exhale while doing so.


Hold the bar for a beat, and lower back to the starting position while breathing in. Repeat for three sets of four to six reps. Here’s a video to help you.

The barbell curl is a basic arm workout, but it’s also one of the most effective arm workouts for men.


Curls are the bread and butter of the lifting world when it comes to arms. It’s an easy workout that doesn’t take a whole lot of coordination to do, and it still gets amazing results. Here’s a video if you get confused.

For this exercise, find a preacher bench and sit behind it. This exercise focuses on the biceps and forearm muscles, and you’ll need to muster everything you’ve got if you want to succeed with this arm workout. Once seated with your weights, outstretch your arm across the padded area with an underhand grip on the dumbbell.

Next, keeping your arm stationary, slowly curl the weight upward toward your bicep while exhaling. Hold for a second and then slowly uncurl your arm to the starting position. Keep in mind to keep your feet planted and do not twist your torso while completing this exercise. Complete 1 to 2 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

One of many arm workouts for men, the one arm dumbbell preacher curl is sure to make you work up a sweat.


While the first two workouts have you standing up and using an incline for your arms, this exercise uses the incline bench for your entire body. This exercise targets the biceps and the forearms.


Place your body on the incline bench, so your head and shoulders are propped up (below is a video to help you). Start with both hands hanging down with palms facing downward.

Once you’re in this starting position, curl one of the barbells up as you squeeze your bicep and exhale. Hold for a beat and lower the barbell while inhaling. Do the same thing with the other arm. Reps should be 10 to 12 while doing 3 to 4 sets. Remember to keep your feet planted and try not to lift your back off the bench.


Arm workouts for men are challenging, and this one is no different as you are alternating between arms.


Arm workouts for men target many muscle groups, but the biceps are one of the most popular. The reverse cable curl strengthens the biceps and requires a pulley and some weight to accomplish.

The starting position has your hands at waist level. You then squeeze the biceps until you fully contract them, making sure only to move your forearms. Your arms should stay close to your body while doing the exercise for maximum effectiveness, and your torso should be upright. Breathe out while contracting.

Straighten the arms and inhale. Congratulations, you just completed one repetition! Here’s a quick video to help you get started with proper technique. It’s a great exercise and one of the best arm workouts for men.


Safety should be your number one priority when working out, and you need to handle every exercise with care. However, take extra care when doing skullcrushers. It is an easy exercise to hurt yourself with, so be cautious. Always use a spotter. Consult the below video if you have concerns.

This arm workout focuses on the triceps and gives them quite the workout! You lay down on a weight bench with your feet planted on the ground (other techniques for placement of feet are available as well).

Start by holding the bar at arm’s length. Your grip should have your palms facing away from you, and your hands should be slightly narrower than shoulder width. Once ready, slowly lower the bar down to your head and exhale. Once the bar is near your head, extend your arms to arm’s length.

Complete 8 to 12 reps for 1 set to start with. Start with an extremely conservative weight, and be careful when doing this exercise. Again, always have a spotter with you while doing so. You do not want to drop a weight on your head.


The underhand kickback looks a little odd at first glance. After all, not too many arm workouts have you sticking your butt out from your body. But, the underhand kickbacks are among a handful of arm workouts for men that get the job done. The triceps are the focus of this exercise, and you’ll feel the burn once you get started.


First off, stick your butt out from your body. You should look like you’re about to pick something up. Your torso should almost be parallel to the ground.

Weights clutched in each hand, start with your arms curled in front of you with palms facing down. Then, extend your arms behind your body until they are parallel to your torso. The best way to visualize this is to imagine a skier. The video below may also help you. Start with a light weight, like five pounds, and work up from there with two to three sets of three to four reps.


Dips are performed by positioning your arms behind you on an object and letting your torso hover above the ground. This video gives an excellent example of dips.

Then, you lower your body with your arms and then hoist yourself back up. Your legs should be bent while completing the exercise. Complete 10 to 15 reps of 2 to 3 sets to see success with dips. Arm workouts for men have never been better than dips, as they are simple and can target different muscle groups, including the chest, triceps, and front shoulders.


Imagine pulling up your entire body weight over and over again. That’s what you do when you perform a chin-up, and it’s a basic yet difficult exercise. A chin-up requires a bar of some sort because you hang from it and pull yourself up and down.


As the exercise sounds, you start with your hands gripping a bar above your head with palms facing towards you. You then raise yourself until your chin reaches the bar and then lower yourself back down. This video offers excellent advice on chin-ups.

This exercise targets the biceps and the back and transforms your muscles in mere months. Two sets of 10 reps is a great starting point for beginners. Chin-ups make for an excellent exercise. You’re guaranteed to get bigger arms if you perform these on a consistent basis.


Another exercise that looks difficult, but it’s not nearly as bad as it looks. In fact, if you master the upright barbell row, your shoulders will be bulging in no time. To start, grip a barbell with your palms facing inward. Make sure the grip is slightly less than shoulder width. While exhaling, use the sides of your shoulders to raise the bar. Keep lifting until the bar almost touches your chin.

Remember to keep your elbows above your forearms. Once the bar nearly reaches your chin, lower the bar back to the starting position and inhale. Remember to keep your shoulders pressed down and don’t shrug them when you lift. Perform 8 to 12 reps with a low weight (start at 5 or 10 pounds).


If you have ever watched professional wrestling, then you may be familiar with the overhead press. Hulk Hogan made the move immensely popular, and it’s still a popular workout today. In a gym setting, to perform the overhead press, hold a bar at shoulder level.


The grip needs to be slightly wider than shoulder width. You then raise the bar directly upward and fully extend your arms. Make sure to keep your body rigid when doing so. Then, you bring the bar back down to the starting position and repeat for three to eight reps for one set.

This exercise focuses on the shoulders, so be wary of this fact when lifting. It’s also crucial to have a spotter for this exercise.


Dips get results, and that’s what you want when you work out your arms. To be able to target different muscle groups by slightly tweaking the exercise makes this workout stand out from the rest. Dips are challenging, but they build up your triceps and make you stronger.


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count, and start training today. You’ll feel better about yourself when you do, and you’ll find strength in yourself you never knew you had. You owe it to yourself to train and become the best you can be.

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