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Top 8 Best CT Fletcher T-Shirts for the Perfect Workout

CT Fletcher is a strong motivator. His quotes and messages are on many workout T-shirts. These can offer you the motivation and comfort you need when going through inevitable pain in the gym. We came up with a list of the 8 best CT Fletcher T-shirts for the perfect workout.

This list ranks the products from highest to lowest with regard to prices. Read on to find out what’s good about the shirts.

ct fletcher working out

1. I command you to Grow – Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This T-shirt comes in several colors and is specially designed for men of different sizes. It is purely made of cotton. The choice of material makes it ideal for workouts as it is very comfortable. The design of these CT Fletcher t-shirts features the quote I command you to grow, which is what he says to his muscles as he works out. His face is visible between one of the letters.

I command you to grow

  • You can get this t-shirt for $33 of from the CT Fletcher website.
  • You can choose sizes from small to XXX large.

2. Fu*k Excuses – CT Fletcher T-shirts

This T-shirt is also from 100 percent cotton and is, therefore, a high-quality product. Printing of this shirts is possible using high-performance digital printing technology. All products feature full color and long lasting printing. The images printed are 2-D.

You can get men’s and women’s shirts, you can find them according to size. Men’s T-shirts range from small to 5X large size. Women’s products come in sizes between small and 2X large. The shirts are preshrunk to avoid issues with size.

tshirt 2 fuck excuses

3. B&LAN Men’s CT Fletcher/Iron Addict Volume II T-Shirt

This t-shirt is designed with short sleeves. It has a sharp black color, with the name Iron Addict running across the chest. A drawing of CT Fletcher is put between the two words. The shirt is washable using machines and both women and men can wear it. It comes in three sizes; medium, X large, and XX large. However, you can order a special shirt to suit your specific needs. This shirt is also made of cotton.

tshirt iron addict

  • You can get it on Amazon for $19.99 or from the CT Fletcher website, in the above version.

4. Get yo Ass to the Gym – O-Neck T-shirt

This is another one of the CT Fletcher trademark t-shirts. It carries his picture and one of his famous quotes. It is short-sleeved to allow you to show off your muscles. The shirt is also purely made of cotton. You can also order a shirt that suits your needs.

The t-shirt is mass-produced in red and black colors. The image is at the center of the t-shirt and is mostly white. Generally, the shirt has an attractive design.

ct fletcher t-shirt

5. JOLO Men’s Custom Cotton T-shirt

This shirt is also made of cotton and is, consequently, comfortable and high-quality. The product is not preshrunk. So, you might want to choose one size larger than what you usually wear. It will shrink after the second wash.

Across the front of the t-shirt, the name Iron Addicts is printed. CT Fletcher’s angry face is also printed in black and white, with the initials “CTF” running across the shirt. It comes in the black color.

tshirt black

6) Rosar Men’s CT Fletcher T-shirts with O-Neck

This shirt is designed with tees that fit perfectly. The cotton used is also very soft, and this is meant to make it more comfortable. Like all other products by Rosar, you can expect the best quality. The front of the shirt features the name Iron Addict, with a picture of CT Fletcher separating the two words. A sky blue hazy design is also used to make the shirt more physically attractive.

It comes in sizes from small to 3X large. The shirt is designed in a black color. You can use it for many purposes, including sports and weight lifting.

The price on Amazon ranges from about $8 to $14.

7) Men’s CT Fletcher “I Don’t Care” T-shirt

Unlike most of the products featured on this list, this shirt is rich in writings. The writings come from a quote by CT Fletcher that was intended to motivate body builders to push beyond their limits. It doesn’t use sharp printing but is clear enough for anyone to read. The shirt is designed in several colors, and this gives you more than enough options to get a shirt you would like. The colors featured include blue, yellow, and white.

It is also made of 100 percent cotton. Being a handmade product, you should not expect it to crack or fade after some time of use. The sizes available range from small to 3X large shirts.

black tshirt

  • You can buy the shirt on Amazon for between $8 and $14.

8. Women’s CT Fletcher I Command you to grow T-shirt

This shirt is for women and comes in many different colors. The sizes available range from small to XX large. It is made using direct digital eco-friendly printing ink. This shirt is cotton-pure and is handmade, so it will not crack or fade. You can also wash it using the machine. However, you should hand dry it. Generally, it is a comfortable and durable product.

t shirt women

Wrap Up

CT Fletcher is a great inspiration in the body building community. He has many accomplishments in his long power lifting career. Also, he is one of the strongest men on the planet. His motivational words pass on to body builders in writings on CT Fletcher t-shirts.

CT Fletcher’s strong and angry face also gets the message across. T-shirt manufacturers enjoy incorporating him in their products, and you can use all of these in the gym and in playing other sports. Since they all fully contain cotton, you can expect great levels of comfort. Both men and women can get CT Fletcher t-shirts at great prices.

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