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You’ve decided to really commit to getting into better shape. In another month or so the army of people all over the world who will make that their New Year’s resolution will join you. Getting into shape may mean losing a bunch of weight, cutting your bodyfat by a few percentage points or adding a few pounds of quality lean muscle mass. You map out a plan, set some reasonable yet challenging goals and everything is going pretty well for a few days. So far, so good… Then life starts to

Indeed every athlete needs some whey protein at the end of their workout. In general, whey protein promotes lean muscle growth, recovery, and fat loss. Read on to learn about our 10 best whey protein powders. Quick NavigationHow We Choose Our RatingsComparison of the 7 Best Whey Protein Powders (Reviews On Each Below Chart)What is the Best Whey Protein PowderBuyer's GuideWhy is whey protein popular?Budget / Amount Whey protein is a staple for athletes everywhere. Another key point is it promotes lean muscle growth, fat loss, and muscle recovery. Consequently, many fitness enthusiasts

One look at your calendar and you realize that it’s around the corner…summer! With hot weather comes the beach, pools, bikinis and swimsuits and, of course, tighter, more revealing clothing. The first bodypart that most of us think about when all those images come to mind are the abs. Call them a six pack, a washboard or whatever else you wish, but male or female, everyone wants abs. A great set of abs is a function of two things, abdominal muscle and low bodyfat. While your no-frills ab routine will

Let’s face it. A crazy set of wheels will help a bodybuilder roll through the competition. Building a great set of legs is hard work, really hard work. But that’s not enough. We’ve all seen guys pound away at their legs, year after year, and end up looking like they could star in a Chicken McNugget commercial for Micky D’s. No, hard work alone isn’t enough. But, combine a strong work ethic on leg day with a smart approach and a heap of good genetics and you end up with

By Sammi Michaels As bodybuilding moves deeper into the new millennium, top competitors continue to push the boundaries of extreme muscularity. Eye-popping, skin-stretching slabs of muscle seem to expand at an incredible rate. Great news, right? Isn’t that what being a top bodybuilder is all about? Not so fast, my friend. The cost of all that additional muscle has, for many, resulted in the loss of something far more important…a tapered physique. Whether it’s the all too common distended stomachs that are becoming the norm on amateur and pro stages everywhere