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Let’s face it. A crazy set of wheels will help a bodybuilder roll through the competition. Building a great set of legs is hard work, really hard work. But that’s not enough. We’ve all seen guys pound away at their legs, year after year, and end up looking like they could star in a Chicken McNugget commercial for Micky D’s. No, hard work alone isn’t enough. But, combine a strong work ethic on leg day with a smart approach and a heap of good genetics and you end up with

When you first look at super symmetrical rising star Mark Dugdale’s physique, nothing jumps out at you. Not because nothing is impressive, but because everything is full, balanced and equally conditioned. When you take a closer look, however, you realize that Mark does have a standout bodypart that merits some extra attention, his legs. From the front, Mark has shredded, separated sweeping quads that only add to the easy flow of his physique. When he turns to the side and hits a side chest or side tricep, the detail and

If you’ve been paying attention to the last few issues of your favorite magazine, you already know that new pro Will “World” Harris has one ridiculous upper body. Good ridiculous, not bad ridiculous. But Will realized long before his USA win that if he was to fulfill his goal of a pro card in 2004 that his success would rest on his legs. “My legs definitely needed to come up last year to be more balanced with my upper body. My back, delts and arms all grow so quickly that