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Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for the latest machine or the newest workout. But sometimes it’s better to go with a tried and true classic method. Medicine ball exercises indeed aren’t anything new. They’ve been around since the ancient Greeks used them 3,000 years ago. But oh man, do they work. Image from AmazonOne of the great things about using the medicine ball to work your core is that you don’t have to do a ton of reps. By adding the resistance of the weighted ball, you make the exercises more

Diet and exercise are a vital part of self-improvement if you want to get fit, gain lean muscle mass, or lose weight. However, it’s not as simple as saying ‘exercise.’ You have to know what your fitness goals are and what you’re willing to commit to, as well as what your body can take before you start an exercise regimen. We'll give you some rough ideas on answering the question of how often should you exercise, as well as what you should do. However, the ultimate authority is your doctor. Always consult