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Back workouts are essential to building a solid and impressive physique. Since the back can’t be seen immediately from the mirror, it is often neglected by those first starting their muscle building journey. Many might rush some half-hearted pull-ups or seated rows, quickly moving to the bench-press. Not only will a strong, broad back make your upper body bigger, but it will also make your waist look smaller. So it is important not to turn your back on back workouts. Image from PixabayBack workouts are essential to building a solid and

Brian Chamberlain won the 2004 IFBB North American Championships and turned pro when the head judge said, “Gentleman, please turn to the rear.” It was, as the phrase goes, “lights out.” Why? Because Brian has a very wide, densely muscled back that simply outclassed the other competitors in the rear double-bicep and rear lat spread poses. But, it wasn’t always that way. “Width came pretty quick and easy for me. But, my lower lat area was much slower to respond. I had to re-evaluate the way I was training and put some movements into my