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Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for the latest machine or the newest workout. But sometimes it’s better to go with a tried and true classic method. Medicine ball exercises indeed aren’t anything new. They’ve been around since the ancient Greeks used them 3,000 years ago. But oh man, do they work. Image from AmazonOne of the great things about using the medicine ball to work your core is that you don’t have to do a ton of reps. By adding the resistance of the weighted ball, you make the exercises more

One look at your calendar and you realize that it’s around the corner…summer! With hot weather comes the beach, pools, bikinis and swimsuits and, of course, tighter, more revealing clothing. The first bodypart that most of us think about when all those images come to mind are the abs. Call them a six pack, a washboard or whatever else you wish, but male or female, everyone wants abs. A great set of abs is a function of two things, abdominal muscle and low bodyfat. While your no-frills ab routine will

If there is one thing holding back the sport of bodybuilding and preventing it from gaining greater mainstream interest and support, it has to be the expanding midsections seen all too frequently on bodybuilding stages, both amateur and pro. Let’s face it. A chiseled midsection sitting on a flat abdominal plate just above a small waist is as appealing to the masses as it is to the massive. In the days of distended stomachs, bloated midsections and fading abdominal muscles, a razor-sharp middle is a huge asset indeed. Witness the