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purely inspired protein shake review

Purely Inspired Protein Shake Review: All You Need to Know

Before the questions in our Purely Inspired Protein Shake review were even necessary, protein powders had already existed for centuries. Some claim that protein shakes have been around since ancient times when Hippocrates noticed the positive impact of whey on physical health. In the 1700s, whey protein became a medicinal tonic and Europeans enjoyed it as a supplement.

In the 1950s, people started talking about protein powders for building muscle. Bob Hoffman’s Hi-Proteen was one of the first protein powders available on the market and made with soy-based protein. Over the decades, protein powders have changed form. Now, in the 20th century, protein shakes are quite commonplace for people who enjoy working out. There are a plethora of different options for protein sources in these powders.

How can you tell if you need more protein in your life? Even if your goal isn’t building muscle, you’ll want to consider supplementing with protein powder. We now have the research to show that protein has a positive impact on muscle recovery and other bodily functions. Whether you want animal or fruit and veggie-sourced protein, there’s a protein powder out there for you.


According to health experts, the average adult human should consume about 50 grams of protein on a daily basis. Note that these protein requirements may vary for elderly people. While all protein powders can potentially help you see results, some will prefer buying plant-based powder. For our Purely Inspired Protein Shake review, we will be covering mostly vegan options. For that reason, we will now cover the benefits of choosing plant-based protein over animal sources.

A large but often forgotten advantage of using plant-based protein is that it’s better for the Earth. The manufacturing process for plant-based protein supplements requires less water and land than animal-based protein. With animal-based protein, you have to keep the animals fed and watered which requires a lot of resources. Plants, on the other hand, are biodegradable and produce less waste than animals.

Whey protein is probably the most common kind that people use today. And although whey protein is undeniably effective for muscle growth, some people have a whey allergy. Symptoms of this allergy include bloating, gas, and an upset stomach. Switching to plant-based powders like the ones covered in our Purely Inspired Protein Shake review can help. In addition, many plant-based powders are free from gluten, a common allergen and irritant. If you are allergic to gluten, make sure you check the label on the protein powder you choose to ensure it doesn’t have any gluten in it.

Why are plant-based protein powders, like many options included in our Purely Inspired Protein Shake review, so healthy? It’s because they’re full of fiber. Fruits and veggies are great because they contain insoluble fiber, which helps your digestion function correctly.

In addition, plant-based protein powders have soluble fiber, which helps you feel full. Feeling full during the day can prevent you from snacking and gaining weight. Did you know that fiber is also necessary for a healthy heart? As you can see, getting plenty of fiber is a must for reaching your health and fitness goals.

Another benefit to choosing plant-based protein powders is how it affects your metabolism. Your body digests protein slower than it digests fat or carbs. So if your fitness goals include losing weight, you should eat more protein to help your metabolism. One positive impact of plant protein is that your body is slower to digest it due to the fiber in it. Your body is efficient at burning extra fat when it metabolizes plant protein, which requires a lot of energy. Choosing a plant-based protein powder will help you achieve your weight loss goals. It contains plenty of protein and fiber, both of which are essential for that process.

Eating plant-based protein powder can help balance out your body’s natural pH level. Foods like carbs and meat tend to be more acidic and throw off the pH level of your body. To make up for this imbalance, your body takes minerals from your bones and other sources. This process of leaching minerals from other parts of your body can lead to deficiencies and other issues over time.

A plant-based diet can lower the acidity in your body. If you want to balance the pH level of your body, try to go for plants with high levels of chlorophyll. You can get this through wheatgrass juice, spinach, or of course, a plant-based protein powder like some of the options covered in our Purely Inspired Protein Shake review. Add something like this to your diet, and your body will thank you.

You probably already know that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is essential for getting enough vitamins in your diet. Since the average American doesn’t get enough veggies and fruits, a protein powder with these important nutrients is a must. Plants are full of vitamins and antioxidants that animal-based protein powders can’t give you alone. In our busy, modern world, most of us can’t find the time to eat enough fruit and vegetables. Having a powder that you can take on the go to get the nutrients you need is a game-changer.


In this Purely Inspired Protein Shake review, we’ll cover a few different protein powders offered by Purely Inspired. Whether it’s a powder full of superfood greens, a shake powder, or collagen supplement, Purely Inspired Powders are organic and naturally sweetened. You can mix them with water or even food.


Purely Inspired protein powders are made with either plant-based or organically sourced animal materials. We covered a bunch of benefits of choosing plant-based protein, but what if you already get enough fruit and vegetables? Then you might want to use an animal-based protein supplement. The superfood green supplement by Purely Inspired uses organic plant materials. The collagen supplement (which we’ll cover shortly) uses grass-fed beef.


Reading user reviews can help you understand what to expect from a product you’re looking into buying. One user stated that it works well as a meal replacement for a busy schedule. Another user said that they don’t like the “fake sweetener” taste from the stevia used in the shake powder.


Protein powders come in a wide range of prices. They can cost as little as $11 or well over $100.


There are a few different products to cover in our Purely Inspired protein shake review. Each of these can be used to add more minerals to your diet or just to help with muscle recovery after your workout. Each one performs a different function and comes with its own benefits. Let’s take a look at each below:


The Purely Inspired Super Greens Powder contains organic fruits, veggies, sprouts, grains, and greens. There are 18 different vitamins and minerals present in this powder along with active probiotics. This powder can be drunk on its own, added to sauces and soups, or mixed into shakes. There are no chemical fertilizers or pesticides in this mix.

The Purely Inspired Super Greens Powder is completely vegan and made here in the USA. This product costs between $15 and $19. It is rated 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


The Purely Inspired Collagen Protein Powder uses 20 grams of collagen and 18 grams of protein. Purely Inspired uses pasture-raised, grass-fed sources for their beef protein and adds B vitamins to their blend for metabolic support. Drink this mix on its own mixed with water or add it to smoothies or food. Collagen is known to improve your nails, hair, and skin

This product is not vegan since it uses bovine sources for collagen and protein. It costs between $17 and $22. It is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


Next, we will cover a great-tasting blend of veggies and fruits in our Purely Inspired Protein Shake review. The Organic Protein Shake Powder by Purely Inspired contains pure ingredients and 20 grams of plant-based protein. Naturally sweetened, this shake mix can be added to water, your morning shake, or even food to get an extra kick of essential vitamins.

The Purely Inspired Organic Protein Shake Powder is vegan-friendly. This product costs between $16 and $21. Customers have it rated 3.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


Powder supplements offered by Purely Inspired will cost between $16 and $22 on average. This price is a little more expensive than the cheapest options on the market but is still a very affordable price. You don’t have to buy the most expensive protein powders to get the benefits you want. For that reason, we decided to focus on affordable options to save you some money.

(H3) How we reviewed this product

We know that finding reliable information on the Internet can be a serious challenge. For that reason, we’ve made your life easier by scouring the Internet for our Purely Inspired Protein Shake review. We included a full scope of information to help you make an informed purchase. We based this Purely Inspired Protein Shake review on manufacturing information and user reviews.


The best way to judge a product is to compare it to similar brands. Below are three separate protein powders you might consider instead of the options by Purely Inspired.


The ALOHA Organic Plant Based Protein Powder contains 18 grams of plant-based protein for health-conscious people. This product is organic, 100 percent vegan, and made with coconut sugar instead of fake sweeteners. You can use it in your baking, smoothies, or morning shake.

The ALOHA Organic Plant Based Protein Powder costs between $26 and $31. Customers give it 3.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


If you’d rather have a protein supplement made from animal products, consider the Quest Nutrition Chocolate Milkshake Protein Powder. This powder contains 23 grams of protein, and you can add it to your milkshake, food, or water.

The Quest Nutrition Chocolate Milkshake Protein Powder costs between $29 and $33. It is rated 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


The Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder contains 21 grams of protein from plants. It’s organic, and you may add it to your smoothie or meals — or even used as a meal replacement. Full of essential minerals, just add the powder to your workout routine to help your muscles recover fully.

The Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder costs between $22 and $26. It is rated 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


Getting enough protein in your diet doesn’t have to be a tiresome chore. With the powders listed in our Purely Inspired Protein Shake review, you should feel ready to make the right choice. We were sure to include both vegan options and animal-based products. When it comes to adding protein powders to your life, you have many different options.

You can use these powders as a meal replacement or add them to your existing meals. Have it in the morning, during mealtimes, or even right before bed to get enough protein in your diet. Regardless of your fitness goals, protein is essential and will help you feel your very best.

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