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Troy Alves I.F.B.B. Pro card and v-taper

What A Difference A Year Makes:  How Troy Alves Finally Nailed Down An I.F.B.B. Pro Card!

By  Sammi Michaels

Scene 1: 2001 N.P.C. USA Bodybuilding Championships

July 28, 2001, Las Vegas, Nevada

The toughest night in the budding bodybuilding career of front-runner Troy Alves, as he is announced second, again. Troy is full of disappointment, uncertainty and acceptance. After all, how would you feel if you just took your third consecutive runner-up finish in your quest for a pro card? So close, yet so far.

Scene 2: 2002 N.P.C. USA Bodybuilding Championships

July 27, 2002, Las Vegas, Nevada

The best night in Troy’s bodybuilding life, as he unanimously trounces the heavyweight class en route to a coveted I.F.B.B. pro card. Ah, victory at last, and it is understandably sweet and well deserved. What a difference a year makes!

The second Troy stepped onstage it was obvious that this was a new and improved version of an already outstanding physique. Troy was peeled, top to bottom, complete with full, dense, crisp muscle. The kind of high quality tissue that you know comes from years of hard, old-school training. And with a level of extreme conditioning that we haven’t seen on Alves, known for good conditioning, ever before. Even his hamstrings and glutes, bodyparts seen as SuperTroy’s kryptonite, were 100% better than ever before. Yes, something had drastically changed since last July.

At The Crossroads

“I’m very competitive and the loss at the 2001 USA made me even hungrier to turn pro and prove myself. At the same time, I was a bit confused as to what I needed to do to take it to the next level.”

Troy’s wife and soulmate, Tara, explained the source of some of that confusion.

“We had one person after another calling the house after that show and telling Troy how they knew exactly what he had to do and what they could do for him.”

But Troy wasn’t comfortable with all that and had something else in mind.

“I called Larry Pepe, a national judge from California, the week after the show. We’d met twice before, very briefly, but I knew right away that he was real. A straight shooter with a great attitude. When we spoke, everything he said made total sense to me and he never tried to sell me on what he could do for me. We teamed up eleven months before the 2002 USA and devoted the entire year to this show and leaving nothing to chance. The results speak for themselves. I’m thrilled!”

The Plan

Larry, who started writing for Musclemag International several months after he teamed with Troy, is quick to credit Alves with being a very hard worker and very coachable.

“I wrote the diets and the programs, but he had to follow through and do the work.”

What did he tell Amazing Alves?

“I told Troy that he was a great bodybuilder with a few flaws. He needed to bring up his hamstrings and glutes. That was his major issue. I also felt that his mid-back needed more thickness to match his lats. Those were off-season concerns that we addressed by changing his training a bit and focusing on sound, year-round nutrition to build muscle. I also felt that he was very conditioned at the 2001 USA, but not shredded. So, we attacked that by revamping his precontest diet and cardio programs. We accomplished what we set out to do as Troy was pegged by many as the the most conditioned, balanced athlete in the entire show.”

Troy’s Training

Troy has always trained six days per week, year-round, hitting each muscle group once per week. However, to bring his body into full, symmetrical balance, he trained hams and glutes twice per week. Back also received two weekly thrashings, with one session devoted entirely to the mid-back using all close grip movements. Here’s his weekly training schedule that he used all year for his USA victory:























(Or Thursday)



Troy favors a basic approach to training, which probably explains the quality and density of his muscle.

“I usually do six to eight sets for smaller bodyparts and nine to twelve for larger groups. The rep range is from six to eight on basic movements and ten to twelve on isolation exercises. I train at  Pro Fitness Gym in Phoenix, Arizona and want to thank everyone there for their great support.”

Alves Aerobics

Troy is blessed with a quick metabolism and is in very good condition year round. While this, and a friendly, easy-going personality, should make him very popular with promoters tired of putting very “off-season” looking athletes onstage, it may have worked against him in the past.

“I never felt like I needed to do much cardio to get in shape. I only did 15-20 minutes, a few times per week starting about six to eight weeks before a show. Larry changed that. I started sixteen weeks out, about two hours per week. At twelve weeks we went to about four hours per week and at eight weeks I was doing six hours per week. The cardio helped my conditioning, of course. But, it also had the effect of helping lean out my glutes and hams.”

Endless Eating

Troy began his precontest diet twelve weeks before his USA triumph.

“I ate more food this year than I ever have in the past and hit my best condition. Believe it or not, I don’t have a big appetite, so it was hard to get all the food in. I never really felt like I was dieting.”

Here’s Troy’s meal-by-meal precontest program:

Troy Alves

By www.localfitness.com.au – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Meal 1

Flank Steak, 8 oz. raw weight

Brown Rice, 1 Cup

Meal 2

Whey Protein

3 Scoops

Meal 3

Chicken Breast, baked, 8 oz cooked weight

Brown Rice, 1 Cup

Meal 4

Chicken Breast, baked, 8 oz cooked weight

Cream of Wheat, 1 serving

Meal 5

Chicken Breast, baked, 8 oz cooked weight

Brown Rice, 1 Cup

Meal 6

Whey Protein

3 Scoops

Meal 7

Flank Steak, 8 oz. raw weight

Lettuce, 5 cups

“At four weeks out, we adjusted my food intake because I was already super lean. I started eating two pounds of red meat a day and lots of carbs from that point on.”

What about the critical last few weeks, water intake and peaking secrets that completed Troy’s sliced and diced condition? “That’s between Troy Alves and Larry Pepe,” he says laughing. “You know what they say in the movies. ‘I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.’”

Super Supplements

Troy was also quick to mention one other big change from last year.

“I started using a new supplement line by SprayFlex. They have three really unique products. Extreme GH, Extreme Test and Extreme Thyropro. The products contain the actual GH, test and thyroid molecule along with other ingredients to naturally boost your own production of each. All I can tell you is the one that matters, they work.”

Posing for Pay – Timing Is Everything

Troy has a great attitude about the time it has taken him to turn pro.

“I think it’s a blessing that I took second three times in 2000 and 2001. (Troy was second at the 2000 USA and Nationals and again at the 2001 USA.) It built competitive character and deep hunger for victory at the same time. I also don’t think that I was really ready to be a competitive pro before this year. I had some weak points to deal with and I hadn’t nailed down extreme conditioning. Now I feel like I have a pro physique and I’m confident that I’ll be consistently shredded.”

Troy is also encouraged by judging standards that I.F.B.B. panels seem to be using lately.

“I think that a trend is emerging to reward shorter, symmetrical, shredded physiques with flat, washboard midsections. I’m encouraged to see bodybuilders like Ahmad Haidar and Dexter Jackson placing high. I’m excited to see where I can go and have the opportunity to stand next to those guys.”

Don’t expect Troy to play the size game anytime soon.

“I’ve learned from observing other athletes that turn pro and go nowhere. I’m not going to make the mistake of trying to put on too much size too quickly. The judges seem to like my physique right now, so I want to keep making reasonable, steady gains in quality muscle. I don’t ever see myself competing over 230 pounds, maybe even 225. But count on one thing. I will always bring a physique to the stage that is conditioned that looks good from all angles. That’s what inspired me when I got into bodybuilding about Shawn Ray’s physique and I hope I can inspire others.”

Don’t worry Troy. Even in Vegas, it’s a safe bet that this promising new pro will inspire many fans when he steps onstage and upset some veteran pros!

You can reach Troy for guest posings, appearances, sponsorship inquiries or personal training at this website, www.TroyAlves.com. You can learn about the SprayFlex products Troy uses at www.SprayFlex.com.

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