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What Happened to CT Fletcher After Surgery

These are just a few attributes of a man who has stared death down until death flinched and looked away. If you who do not know of CT Fletcher after surgery, then you are in for a story of an amazing man who overcame all odds and became a better man in the end.

But first, let’s get a context of the story. CT Fletcher is a father of seven, husband, and Army veteran. He is also a world-class weight lifting champion with 35 years of experience. He survived open heart surgery, flat-lined three times and is the healthiest he has even been at the age of 54.

ct in the gym

What Led to CT Fletcher’s Surgery

By the early 1980’s, Fletcher’s Army service was over, and he had settled back into the civilian life. While working for the United States Post Office, CT found himself working out at a local gym frequently. Simply saying that he was actively engaged in his new found passion does not begin to describe it. When someone is in the gym pushing weight seven days a week, that is not called actively engaged. It is more like enthralled! Weightlifting had become his passion. Next to his family, weightlifting was what mattered the most to him.

Fast forward to the 1990’s when CT found himself eating an unhealthy diet that led to hypertension. Even though he was warned by his doctor that this diet posed a severe health risk. CT ignored him and continued eating 99 cent heart attacks in a bag at the rate of four bags at a time. In 2005, it all came to a head. His bad diet caught up with him. At the age of 46, CT Fletcher had a heart attack. Surprisingly, after dying a few times on the operating table, Fletcher somehow survived open heart surgery.

However, he was not out of the woods yet. What ensued for CT Fletcher after surgery would put him through the toughest test he had yet to face in this life. He would go on to suffer long-lasting effects after the procedure. These would require many months of further hospitalization. When life knocks you down, it often kicks you too. This is exactly what happened to Fletcher after he got out of the hospital. The worst was yet to come. His road to recovery would be one of uncomfortable days and agonizing nights that seemed to never end.

The Lesson of CT Fletcher After Surgery

He has never been the type of person to wallow in self-pity. CT knew that he could regain what he once had. Despite his challenges, he knew he had to persevere day in and day out to achieve it again. Going from a shell of his former self to slowing regaining some signs of the champion he once was, CT could call himself a survivor. It was a long and tough road, but he was finally able to start lifting weights again. He did not have the strength to lift what he once did, but it was a start. Like all things in life, there has to be a starting point, and he had found his.

Humbled to the realization that his power-lifting days were behind him, CT embraced the knowledge that he was given a second chance in life. This was his chance to hit the restart button and re-immerse himself into bodybuilding.

From Pain to Success

After spending time training his body and while being fully engaged in a healthier lifestyle, Fletcher’s struggles paid off. He could again compete in the sport he loved. Even though it was against his doctor’s advice, CT held onto the notion that he had already died three times while on the surgery table. He had stared down death and won. He knew the risk that he was taking. Lifting weights had been his life. It was all that he knew. Back on the circuit and competing again, he was able to win a few competitions here and there. He was even able to win a few titles too.

ct fletcher after surgery

The story of CT Fletcher after surgery is a true testament to never giving up on your dream in life. He was able to do something that most others could not do. Most of us would say enough and call it quits after surviving a major medical surgery. Why push your luck? The bottom line is that he did not give up on his gifts in life. CT Fletcher after surgery decided to live his life by fulfilling his aspirations. When you come across someone like him in life, you cannot help but feel inspired by his passion for dreaming.

To the Wins

When you feel that you cannot obtain your dreams and that your best days are behind you, it may seem like there is no way you can change your life around for the better and that you are missing out on life. Remember CT Fletcher after surgery as a strong example about what you can achieve when you have the courage to never give up on your life and dreams.

Follow your dreams like he does. Reach for the unattainable mountaintops. You only get one life to live, so do not take it for granted. Life will no doubt do its best to knock you down a few pegs, but let do not let that hold you back. Everyone gets knocked down from time to time. Some even die a few times and still live to tell the tale. Ultimately, it is up to you. Are you going to dream your dreams or live them?

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