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your body doesn't care

Your Body Doesn’t Care!!!

You’ve decided to really commit to getting into better shape. In another month or so the army of people all over the world who will make that their New Year’s resolution will join you. Getting into shape may mean losing a bunch of weight, cutting your bodyfat by a few percentage points or adding a few pounds of quality lean muscle mass. You map out a plan, set some reasonable yet challenging goals and everything is going pretty well for a few days. So far, so good…

Then life starts to kick in.

Your kids have to get to soccer practice. Your body doesn’t care! You didn’t have time to get the food you need in the house. Your body doesn’t care! You really don’t feel 100% today. Your body doesn’t care! Your boss was a real pain in the ass this morning. Your body doesn’t care! Your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, sibling, parent, cousin or friend doesn’t understand why you have to go to the gym. Your body doesn’t care! Your favorite show is on TV tonight and you can’t tape it because your VCR still has 12:00 blinking all the time. Your body doesn’t care! You get the point.

your body doesn't careAs with any goal, physical or otherwise, there will always be obstacles and things that challenge your ability to achieve the goal. A lot of times, this complex set of circumstances can loosely be referred to as “LIFE”. If it were easy, everybody would be in great shape and be healthy. As harsh as it may seem, your physical body really doesn’t care about whatever excuse you have for not training, eating right or getting enough rest. No matter how justifiable you may feel the reason was, your body will simply not allow you to reach your goals if you don’t do the work and stick to the game plan. It’s a simple equation really: Do the work and you get rewarded; don’t do it and you don’t.

Your body is the Great Equalizer

The human body is what I like to call the “great equalizer”. When it comes to pursuing and reaching physical goals, it knows no emotions, can’t be sweet-talked into responding and can’t be conned into getting rid of a bunch of fat or adding some really attractive muscle. If you think that’s the bad news, here’s the good news. If you train it, feed it and let it recuperate properly, it will reward you and give you access to your physical goals and dreams. It has no vested interest in not letting you have the body you really want. And it hasn’t entered into any great conspiracy to stop you from getting there.

If you choose to look at this physical reality from a positive perspective, you’ll soon realize that reaching your physique goals is within your power and control and that when you match your actions to your commitment to those goals, reaching them is a matter of consistency over time. Why look at it any other way? You could choose to look at it negatively and feel sorry for yourself, but remember:

Your body doesn’t care!

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