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Trying to find the best workouts for traps that delivers results often leaves people shrugging. There’s nothing worse than a dominant, well-developed pair of lats undermined by small traps. The muscle sits as a centerpiece for the back, complementing a well-rounded physique. Strong traps radiate an air of strength, power, and confidence. So why are they one of the muscles overlooked the most in the gym? Image from PixabayThere isn’t a lot of information readily available for the exercise enthusiast looking for the best workouts for traps. It’s commonplace to believe

Back workouts are essential to building a solid and impressive physique. Since the back can’t be seen immediately from the mirror, it is often neglected by those first starting their muscle building journey. Many might rush some half-hearted pull-ups or seated rows, quickly moving to the bench-press. Not only will a strong, broad back make your upper body bigger, but it will also make your waist look smaller. So it is important not to turn your back on back workouts. Image from PixabayBack workouts are essential to building a solid and

Diet and exercise are a vital part of self-improvement if you want to get fit, gain lean muscle mass, or lose weight. However, it’s not as simple as saying ‘exercise.’ You have to know what your fitness goals are and what you’re willing to commit to, as well as what your body can take before you start an exercise regimen. We'll give you some rough ideas on answering the question of how often should you exercise, as well as what you should do. However, the ultimate authority is your doctor. Always consult

If you read the training articles of your favorite bodybuilding and fitness athletes you’re bound to be a bit confused. Some train each body part once a week, others twice a week and every possible variation between those two extremes. Then, just to drive you a bit nutty, you read that an Olympia competitor with amazing delts only trains them once a month! Does that mean that you should? Not likely. In this article, we’ll explore some of the issues that you should consider when formulating your training split. We

Is there a point in the day that is the optimum time for you to train to maximize your results? If we are asking that question from a metabolic/physiological standpoint, the answer is no. However, from a personal perspective, there are definitely a few things you should consider to determine the best time for YOU to train. PHYSIOLOGICAL/METABOLIC TRAINING TIMING PREFERENCES You’ve probably read some of the same articles that I have discussing why you should train in the morning and others extolling the virtues of training later in the day or