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Tips for the Best Chest Workout for Men A well defined male chest gives confidence to any man. In addition, men who have taken time to build muscle around their chests will suffer a lower risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments and some forms of cancer. Therefore, apart from turning heads at the beach, a well toned chest is a great lifestyle decision. For those who do not know where to start or what works best, the following information is for you. Any man can start small and

Did you ever hear of CT Fletcher? No? Well, in this case, it now makes sense why he is also known as the strongest man you have never heard of. Yes, he is the strongest on the planet. This is why he developed what the world knows as the CT Fletcher workout, the CT Fletcher Master Plan, and other routines that will get you discover new sizes and strengths of your muscles. The CT Fletcher chest workout routine is famous, and it deserves to be so. The training is yet another

CT Fletcher is one of the power lifters with huge chests, and we can take some tips from him. Having competed against some of the strongest power lifters, we can consider his advice and routines valid. The CT Fletcher chest workout routine involves a few exercises you just can't miss. All power lifters have massive chests. They build their chests by religiously sticking to exercise routines that have been proven to work. CT Fletcher is certainly one of them. But let's see what this routine has to offer! What the CT Fletcher

By Sammi Michaels When you look at brand new I.F.B.B. pro Troy Alves, the first thing that jumps out at you is, well, nothing. Like many of the top shorter pros who came before him, see Lee Labrada, Shawn Ray and Dexter Jackson, Troy’s body looks good from every angle. Three-dimensional symmetry is the only way that this group of superior short men can compete with the monsters. And make no mistake about it, Alves has it. “Smart” Symmetry Through Visualization and Feel Troy is a bodybuilder who is very realistic about

New Jersey native Craig Richardson exemplifies everything his home state stands for. Strong work ethic, strong family values and making sure your priorities are in order. Craig took a hiatus from the competitive side of bodybuilding for three years after turning pro to develop his now successful personal training business so that he could make sure to properly provide for his wife of seven years, Jennifer, and his three children, Qualayia, Quashawn and Quaterra. “I trained hard through those three years because I wanted to make the improvements I needed