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Do you find trips to the gym and membership fees discouraging? Getting your own home gym essentials makes exercising easier and often cheaper. What excuses can you make when your gym is a few steps away? Image from PixabayIf you’ve felt self-conscious around other people at the gym or have gotten frustrated at having to wait in line for a machine, it’s easy to see why a home gym is appealing. And what about people leaving equipment messy and sweaty or leaving weights all over the place? You’d never have to

Are you new to strength training? Or just unsure how to get the best results? If so, you’ve probably wondered about the big debate: free weights vs. machines. These two types of equipment can both be useful for increasing your strength and gaining muscle. But first, you need to understand what they do and the best way to use them. Image from PixabayTake a look around your local gym, and you’ll see people of all sizes and shapes using this equipment. Oftentimes, people will bounce between free weights and machines as

When browsing online, you'll find hundreds of different foam rollers. This guide of the top ten best foam roller will help narrow it to the best ones. Foam rollers have grown in popularity over the past few years. Although there seems to be more and more gimmicky gym equipment every year, research has shown that foam rollers are quite beneficial. But if you browse online, you’ll find hundreds of different foam rollers, which can become overwhelming quickly. Fortunately, this guide of the top ten best foam rollers should help. How We Chose Our Ratings  When determining

CT Fletcher is a strong motivator. His quotes and messages are on many workout T-shirts. These can offer you the motivation and comfort you need when going through inevitable pain in the gym. We came up with a list of the 8 best CT Fletcher T-shirts for the perfect workout. This list ranks the products from highest to lowest with regard to prices. Read on to find out what's good about the shirts. 1. I command you to Grow - Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt This T-shirt comes in several colors and is specially designed