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Before the questions in our Purely Inspired Protein Shake review were even necessary, protein powders had already existed for centuries. Some claim that protein shakes have been around since ancient times when Hippocrates noticed the positive impact of whey on physical health. In the 1700s, whey protein became a medicinal tonic and Europeans enjoyed it as a supplement. Purely Inspired Organic Protein Shake Check Price In the 1950s, people started talking about protein powders for building muscle. Bob Hoffman’s Hi-Proteen was one of the first protein powders available on the market and made

Image from AmazonMove over, men. You’re not the only ones looking to add protein supplements to your diets. More and more women have found that adding protein powder to their diets helps them to lose fat, build lean muscle, and improve strength. However, finding the best protein for women can be a nightmare, especially when many have unnecessary ingredients and far too many calories.Luckily, we’ve got some options for you. Each is the perfect mix that is low in calories and sugar, but high in protein, BCAAs, and other essential

We have entered a new era in women's fitness. But even with a newfound interest in muscles and strength training, many women don't know the best supplements for female muscle building. While women and men are similar in many ways, including in the gym, the average woman needs a different amount of macro- and micronutrients than the average man. Still, most supplement brands focus on the needs of male athletes over female athletes. Image from PixabayHowever, some supplements do advertise themselves directly to women. You can normally recognize these products by

Protein rich foods such as fish, soy, milk and eggs will not just help build muscle but repair and keep it healthy as well. A constant supply of essential amino acids is necessary as these are the proteins the body does not produce. The amino acids are necessary in the synthesis of tissues and they are created through the breaking down of protein. These acids are present in foods containing proteins and are vital in the production of myosin and actin which are essential in building of muscles. Protein supplements will

The Best Post Workout Creatine Supplement for Muscle Growth written by: DedicatedDorris It’s undoubtedly true that you can grow your muscles simply by eating well and having some workouts, specifically lifting weights. However, at times you want maximize your ability to grow muscles and grow them fast. In such circumstances, you will need a substance that will help you develop muscles fast and these calls for muscle growth supplements. Creatine is one supplement that aids in muscle building. You do this by mixing creatine with somebody nutrients such as simple carbohydrates,