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Before you ask yourself, “How much protein can your body absorb before it’s too much?” you will want to understand the importance of proteins. Proteins were first mentioned by a Dutch chemist named Gerardus Johannes Mulder but weren’t named “proteins” until 1838. The large molecules, which consist of amino acids, are needed by our cells to function correctly.Most of us know that getting enough protein in our diet is important, especially when you live an active lifestyle. The function and structure of your body depend on these molecules. Your body’s

Did you know that giving up on a goal can take a psychological and physical toll on you? Yes, it can! Goal setting is not just about writing down your expectations and hoping something great will happen after being consistent. When you begin working towards a goal and experience setbacks to the point you start doubting yourself, you’re on your way to state psychologists refer to as an “action crisis." That's the point where you experience internal conflict on whether or not to soldier on. According to research, the body

It’s September 12th, the day after the worst act of terrorism in the history of the free world, and my contribution to this month’s issue of Natural Muscle is due. As I began to ponder what topic to address, the idea of writing about sets, reps or calories seemed so unimportant today. Last week it wasn’t and, hopefully, next month those issues will regain some interest. But after being glued to the television for the last 36 hours watching vivid and horrific images from DC and New York, wondering in

The best beard oil to keep your beard smooth and manageable contain natural ingredients. Jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and Argan oil are just a few of the ingredients in top-selling beard oils. These natural extracts also treat ingrown hairs and help eliminate dandruff. Furthermore, beard oils come in scented and unscented varieties. Beard oils are quite popular with men of all ages, and new products appear every month. Also, most guys don't have a lot of time or money to sample every new grooming product on the market, so we've done some

A beard trimmer is a specially designed shaver that edges and shapes beards instead of merely cutting them. Additionally, beard trimmers feature sharp blades that can shape even the fullest and longest beards into the style you want. Also, these trimmers usually come with several combs for different length beards and other attachments. A beard trimmer is a must-have implement for any man who wants to keep his facial hair well-groomed and healthy. Furthermore, using scissors or a razor will help to keep your beard from becoming too unruly. However, for a