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When Lee Priest prepared for the early 2004 pro season, he knew that it was redemption time. After his poorest showing as a pro at the 2003 Mr. Olympia, the Ironman and San Francisco pro shows would either prove that the Olympia was simply one bad outing…or the beginning of a slide that no pro athlete wants to experience.    The answer became very clear the instant Lee removed his shirt as he pumped up backstage at the Ironman. In the words of fellow pro, Craig Titus, “Lee is on.” But

The last two years have signaled a changing of the guard in the world of bodybuilding. Aside from the Olympia, where the best bodybuilder on the planet continues to dominate the sport with ungodly mass, many of the other shows are being won by a new breed of top bodybuilders who impress with symmetry, tight flat midsections and awesome conditioning, as opposed to sheer mass. Guys like Dexter Jackson, Darrem Charles, Troy Alves, Melvin Anthony, Ahmad Haidar, Richard Jones and Kris Dim. It’s time to add Mark Dugdale’s name to

About Brian Major Titles: 2004 IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships, Light Heavyweight and Overall Champion Birthdate: September 20, 1974 Height: 5-3 Contest Weight: 190 Off-Season Weight: 220 Starts preparing for a contest 5 weeks out PreContest Training Brian trains 5 days per week when preparing for a contest on the following schedule: Monday: Chest, Light Triceps, Calves Tuesday: Quads, Hams Wednesday: OFF* Thursday: Delts, Abs Friday: Back Saturday: Arms, Calves, Abs Sunday: OFF Brian definitely favors a lower set approach, preferring to get more blood volume in the muscle by using higher rep schemes. "I will usually do three movements per bodypart, but only three sets of each movement. I

Contest stages around the world are littered with guys with great symmetry and genetic shape. Many are fortunate to have a small waist, good width and balanced development. Does that mean that a lot of Flex Wheelers and Shawn Rays are coming to a stage near you anytime soon? Not by a long shot. But as the sport of bodybuilding gains in popularity and more athletes become involved, the odds of seeing more and more aesthetically gifted physiques grows. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll ever hear about most of

Last month we established the value of having a great V-taper, whether you want to get noticed on a bodybuilding stage or on the beach. It’s a winning look that fans of the sport, the judges and the general public admire. One guy who definitely knows how to build a tremendous taper is emerging, top National competitor, Rodney Davis. Last month, Rodney disclosed his tried and true methods for building a winning back. This month, Rodney is ready to take you to school on how to develop another bodypart critical