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Precontest. Contest prep. Getting ready for a show. No matter how you refer to it, the sacrifice, planning, energy, training, diet, cardio and all those other little details that result in your favorite bodybuilding stars showing up onstage in shredded, full, muscular condition is the toughest challenge any bodybuilder can take on. Musclemag decided to sit down with six IFBB pros to do a roundtable discussion on their views and strategies for successfully getting ready to do battle. Take a look at what they had to say and see how

www.IdriseWard-El.com About Idrise Major Titles: 2002 N.P.C. USA Bodybuilding Championships, Super Heavyweight and Overall Champion Birthdate: November 27, 1965 Height: 5-11 Contest Weight: 257 Off Season Weight: 285 Starts preparing for a contest 14 weeks out When Idrise Ward El stepped onstage at the 2002 USA Bodybuilding Championships with the rest of the Super Heavyweight Class, it wasn’t hard to see that he would have little problem capturing the class and gaining entry to the IFBB. Idrise had nailed his condition right on the money. He was grainy and separated from every angle while carrying a full 254 pounds on stage. Idrise

One athlete who really put himself on the pro bodybuilding radar in 2004 is New Jersey’s own, Craig Richardson. For those unfamiliar with Craig’s career, let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane. Craig dominated the light heavyweight class at the 2000 Nationals to turn pro. Who won the overall that year? The guy who many have called the “future of bodybuilding”, Victor Martinez. Craig was so good, and so conditioned at Nationals that the buzz after the show was that he could have been awarded the overall the phenomenal

When Craig Richardson walked onstage at his first Mr. Olympia in 2004, many bodybuilding fans may not have recognized him. As an amateur, he rocked the Light Heavyweight class at the 2000 NPC Nationals, the year that now IFBB superstar Victor Martinez won the heavyweight and overall titles. Craig was absolutely peeled at the Nationals and many industry insiders, myself included, saw a bright future for him. Then, he disappeared! “I took off for three years. I wanted to add a lot more quality size and bring up my back,

If there is one thing holding back the sport of bodybuilding and preventing it from gaining greater mainstream interest and support, it has to be the expanding midsections seen all too frequently on bodybuilding stages, both amateur and pro. Let’s face it. A chiseled midsection sitting on a flat abdominal plate just above a small waist is as appealing to the masses as it is to the massive. In the days of distended stomachs, bloated midsections and fading abdominal muscles, a razor-sharp middle is a huge asset indeed. Witness the