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By Will Harris as told to Larry Pepe “When I won the heavyweight class at the 2004 USA, I knew that I had to gain more muscle to climb the pro ladder. The judges were very complimentary about my genetic shape, tiny waist and wide back and delts, so for me it was just a matter of getting bigger all over while maintaining my symmetry.” And in the three years since that USA win at a bodyweight of 225 pounds, “Big” Will Harris has done exactly what he set out to

A few months back, Musclemag readers will remember that we ran a feature called “Six Pros Talk Contest Prep.” In that article, we talked to several champion bodybuilders about their general philosophies of getting contest ready…diced, sliced and shredded. Due to the overwhelming response we had to the piece, we decided to talk to six champs about the strategies they use to build all that massive muscle in the first place. Training styles, cardio, nutrition and other secrets they use to get crazy big. Take a look at what they

About Rodney Major Titles: 2004 N.P.C. Nevada State Superheavyweight Champion 2004 N.P.C. USA Bodybuilding Championships, SuperHeavyweight, 4th Birthdate: February 28 Height: 6-0 Contest Weight: 240 Off Season Weight: 270 Starts preparing for a contest 16 weeks out Rodney Davis has been around the sport of bodybuilding for a long time. In fact, if you go back and look at the photos from Paul Dillett’s first appearance at the 1991 North American Bodybuilding Championships (won that year by Ray McNeil), you’ll find a 225 pound Rodney standing right next to big Paul and holding his own. In all those years of competing,

By Will Harris as told to Larry Pepe I’m not going to lie to you. My arms have never been a weak point. Early in my career, they grew pretty easily by doing the basics, just like everyone else does. But, I noticed two things that led to the routine I’m about to share with you. First, about five years ago, it became apparent that while my arms were huge, they lacked the kind of detail and separation that I needed to turn pro. Then, in the last year or so,

By Will Harris as told to Larry Pepe When people see me now, they might have a hard time believing that my delts weren’t always a strong point. When I first started to get into bodybuilding after playing football, I did what I think every bodybuilder does when they are trying to get bigger and add quality muscle mass. I went heavy, very heavy, and worked up to the most weight I could get for a handful of reps. Who could really argue with that philosophy? It’s worked for tons of