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Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for the latest machine or the newest workout. But sometimes it’s better to go with a tried and true classic method. Medicine ball exercises indeed aren’t anything new. They’ve been around since the ancient Greeks used them 3,000 years ago. But oh man, do they work. Image from AmazonOne of the great things about using the medicine ball to work your core is that you don’t have to do a ton of reps. By adding the resistance of the weighted ball, you make the exercises more

A six-pack may seem elusive for some people but it is possible to get one if you are following the right techniques. You can get a six-pack within a short time if you pay attention to your diet and engage in the right kind of exercises. Include Good Carbohydrates One of the secrets to getting a diamond six-pack is eating plenty of good carbs. If your diet is unhealthy, it will be impossible to get the well-toned abs you are looking for. Eat whole grains because they are rich in fiber and

An oldie but a goodie, jackknife sit-ups can add an extra dimension to your abdominal workout. They can be performed with or without weights, in a face-up or prone position, and with or without resistance bands.  A classic exercise that has endured the test of time, jackknife sit-ups or V-ups may be just what you are looking for to carve out and finely sculpt that six-pack you’ve been working so hard to achieve. So what exactly is a jackknife sit-up? Consider the jackknife; a compact device that unfolds into a multi-faceted

Using weights to work your abs can take your six pack to a new dimension. Let’s face it, there are only so many crunches and bicycles you can do to build strength and definition, but throw in some iron to your ab exercises and you’ll transform both your workout and your mindset. If you have a set of kettlebells handy, grab one and get started. And remember, you don’t need a ton of weight to see immediate results. Low weights – as little and 5 to 20 pounds – can help you sculpt

One look at your calendar and you realize that it’s around the corner…summer! With hot weather comes the beach, pools, bikinis and swimsuits and, of course, tighter, more revealing clothing. The first bodypart that most of us think about when all those images come to mind are the abs. Call them a six pack, a washboard or whatever else you wish, but male or female, everyone wants abs. A great set of abs is a function of two things, abdominal muscle and low bodyfat. While your no-frills ab routine will