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When Junior National Heavyweight and Overall Bodybuilding Champion Steve McLeod decided it was time to end a nine-year layoff and return to the contest stage, there was one bodypart that he knew would have to be a priority…delts. “Don’t get me wrong, shoulders have always been a really good bodypart for me. And I’ve always had a very, very small waist. But, at the time I was getting ready for Juniors, I knew that I would probably be about 215 on stage, giving up ten pounds to the guys at

Every sport has those special moments in its history that fans and experts alike look back on and realize how that accomplishment or event somehow changed things. The benefit of hindsight often allows us a level of clarity that escapes the moment. It would be easy to cite the obvious moments…Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman and Lenda Murray scoring eight Olympias. Wheeler, Levrone, Atwood and Heath winning their pro debuts. Jay slaying Ronnie as he chased true bodybuilding immortality at the 2006 Olympia. And the list goes on. But bodybuilding is

Superman. The man of steel. The mystique of the comic book hero that became a mainstay on the television sets of millions would be a lot to live up to for most mortals. But not for bodybuilding’s self-proclaimed Superman, Lee Priest. Unlike most nicknames that are a passing fancy, Lee’s fascination with his alter ego is for real. With the famous “S” insignia tattooed on his shoulder, an “S”  ring on his finger, an “S” charm hanging around his neck and a houseful of Superman collectibles, Priest has truly established

A few months back, Musclemag readers will remember that we ran a feature called “Six Pros Talk Contest Prep.” In that article, we talked to several champion bodybuilders about their general philosophies of getting contest ready…diced, sliced and shredded. Due to the overwhelming response we had to the piece, we decided to talk to six champs about the strategies they use to build all that massive muscle in the first place. Training styles, cardio, nutrition and other secrets they use to get crazy big. Take a look at what they

Brian Chamberlain won the 2004 IFBB North American Championships and turned pro when the head judge said, “Gentleman, please turn to the rear.” It was, as the phrase goes, “lights out.” Why? Because Brian has a very wide, densely muscled back that simply outclassed the other competitors in the rear double-bicep and rear lat spread poses. But, it wasn’t always that way. “Width came pretty quick and easy for me. But, my lower lat area was much slower to respond. I had to re-evaluate the way I was training and put some movements into my