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When was the last time you got in your car and had no idea where you were going, no destination in mind? Unless it was just a leisurely drive on a weekend with your significant other, the answer is probably never. Yet this is exactly what countless numbers of people who train do every single day in thousands of gyms and health clubs throughout the country. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, fitness competitor or anyone trying to get into better shape, not setting specific goals related to your training makes about

You’ve decided to really commit to getting into better shape. In another month or so the army of people all over the world who will make that their New Year’s resolution will join you. Getting into shape may mean losing a bunch of weight, cutting your bodyfat by a few percentage points or adding a few pounds of quality lean muscle mass. You map out a plan, set some reasonable yet challenging goals and everything is going pretty well for a few days. So far, so good… Then life starts to

Is there a point in the day that is the optimum time for you to train to maximize your results? If we are asking that question from a metabolic/physiological standpoint, the answer is no. However, from a personal perspective, there are definitely a few things you should consider to determine the best time for YOU to train. PHYSIOLOGICAL/METABOLIC TRAINING TIMING PREFERENCES You’ve probably read some of the same articles that I have discussing why you should train in the morning and others extolling the virtues of training later in the day or

Ronnie Coleman. Susie Curry. Andrula Blanchette. They were the big winners in their respective Olympias this year. Are they role models? Most definitely. I am not one who adheres to the Charles “I’m not a role model” Barkley theory of setting an example and representing your sport. When a professional athlete signs on the dotted line to play for pay, they have voluntarily thrust themselves into the public eye. With that choice comes a responsibility to your chosen sport and those who may look up to you, young or old.