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Back workouts are essential to building a solid and impressive physique. Since the back can’t be seen immediately from the mirror, it is often neglected by those first starting their muscle building journey. Many might rush some half-hearted pull-ups or seated rows, quickly moving to the bench-press. Not only will a strong, broad back make your upper body bigger, but it will also make your waist look smaller. So it is important not to turn your back on back workouts. Image from PixabayBack workouts are essential to building a solid and

Chest and back workouts: Tips for getting stronger Your chest and back should not be ignored when it comes to the fitness workouts that you do. Developing strength and endurance in these areas will enhance your overall appearance as well as your health. You will be surprised at not just how much better you look, but also how much better you feel. If you do these workouts in the right way, your posture will improve, and those back pains you had will disappear!You need to follow some simple rules and guidelines

Triceps don’t usually get the attention they deserve. Officially called the Triceps Brachii, which is Latin for “three headed muscle of the arm”, your tricep makes it possible for you to extend your arm and reach for things. Located at the back of the upper arm and running from the shoulder to the elbow, there’s an out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality when it comes to working out this critical muscle. Perhaps it’s because working your chest and biceps can involve big heavy weights and you can really see what you’re doing and where you