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Indeed every athlete needs some whey protein at the end of their workout. In general, whey protein promotes lean muscle growth, recovery, and fat loss. Read on to learn about our 10 best whey protein powders. Quick NavigationHow We Choose Our RatingsComparison of the 7 Best Whey Protein Powders (Reviews On Each Below Chart)What is the Best Whey Protein PowderBuyer's GuideWhy is whey protein popular?Budget / Amount Whey protein is a staple for athletes everywhere. Another key point is it promotes lean muscle growth, fat loss, and muscle recovery. Consequently, many fitness enthusiasts

Most people fall into one of three categories when looking at their body types: Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph? Read on to determine which body types there are, what body type you have, as well as what exercises and diet changes you can make to get the body you've always wanted. Although there is a lot of fluidity in body types, most people fall into one of three categories. These body types determine your predisposition to certain weights, as well as what you should do to make changes. Once you determine your body

Are you rockin’ a Dad Bod? The term has taken the Internet by storm in just a short period. But what is a Dad Bod? Here’s a complete rundown of what a Dad Bod is, how the concept became so popular, and what the pros and cons are. What is a Dad Bod? A Dad Bod is a comfortable medium between “ripped” and “out of shape.” Guys with a Dad Bod aren’t unhealthy. But they’re not super committed to working out, either. Journalist and columnist Mackenzie Pearson describes it as “A nice balance