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www.LendaMurray.net About Lenda Major Titles: Eight-Time IFBB Ms. Olympia Birthdate: February 22, 1962 Height: 5-5 Contest Weight: 150 Off Season Weight: 162 - 165 Starts preparing for a contest 16 weeks out She is, far and away, the best female bodybuilder to ever stand on onstage. With a record eight Ms. Olympia titles and a dominance of her sport that spanned two separate decades, Lenda Murray’s name is firmly scripted in female bodybuilding’s record book right under the title of “Best Ever.” Now that she is happily retired, for the first time, she agreed to sit down

About Rodney Major Titles: 2004 N.P.C. Nevada State Superheavyweight Champion 2004 N.P.C. USA Bodybuilding Championships, SuperHeavyweight, 4th Birthdate: February 28 Height: 6-0 Contest Weight: 240 Off Season Weight: 270 Starts preparing for a contest 16 weeks out Rodney Davis has been around the sport of bodybuilding for a long time. In fact, if you go back and look at the photos from Paul Dillett’s first appearance at the 1991 North American Bodybuilding Championships (won that year by Ray McNeil), you’ll find a 225 pound Rodney standing right next to big Paul and holding his own. In all those years of competing,