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Let’s face it. A crazy set of wheels will help a bodybuilder roll through the competition. Building a great set of legs is hard work, really hard work. But that’s not enough. We’ve all seen guys pound away at their legs, year after year, and end up looking like they could star in a Chicken McNugget commercial for Micky D’s. No, hard work alone isn’t enough. But, combine a strong work ethic on leg day with a smart approach and a heap of good genetics and you end up with

By Will Harris as told to Larry Pepe I’m not going to lie to you. My arms have never been a weak point. Early in my career, they grew pretty easily by doing the basics, just like everyone else does. But, I noticed two things that led to the routine I’m about to share with you. First, about five years ago, it became apparent that while my arms were huge, they lacked the kind of detail and separation that I needed to turn pro. Then, in the last year or so,