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When Craig Richardson walked onstage at his first Mr. Olympia in 2004, many bodybuilding fans may not have recognized him. As an amateur, he rocked the Light Heavyweight class at the 2000 NPC Nationals, the year that now IFBB superstar Victor Martinez won the heavyweight and overall titles. Craig was absolutely peeled at the Nationals and many industry insiders, myself included, saw a bright future for him. Then, he disappeared! “I took off for three years. I wanted to add a lot more quality size and bring up my back,

If there is one thing holding back the sport of bodybuilding and preventing it from gaining greater mainstream interest and support, it has to be the expanding midsections seen all too frequently on bodybuilding stages, both amateur and pro. Let’s face it. A chiseled midsection sitting on a flat abdominal plate just above a small waist is as appealing to the masses as it is to the massive. In the days of distended stomachs, bloated midsections and fading abdominal muscles, a razor-sharp middle is a huge asset indeed. Witness the

New Jersey native Craig Richardson exemplifies everything his home state stands for. Strong work ethic, strong family values and making sure your priorities are in order. Craig took a hiatus from the competitive side of bodybuilding for three years after turning pro to develop his now successful personal training business so that he could make sure to properly provide for his wife of seven years, Jennifer, and his three children, Qualayia, Quashawn and Quaterra. “I trained hard through those three years because I wanted to make the improvements I needed

When Lee Priest stepped on stage at the 2003 Mr. Olympia, a show he was rumored to be entering, then not entering and entering again several times right up until the press conference in Vegas, this was not the Lee Priest his legion of fans were familiar with. Sure, his arms still looked superhuman, but his legs just didn’t have the appearance of the quality athlete that Lee is appropriately known to be. Of course, the whispers of his critics grew to a deafening roar. “Priest is done. His legs