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When I sat down to interview rising superstar Mark Dugdale about his back training a few weeks before he became the Overall 2004 USA Bodybuilding Champion, I was somewhat shocked by the first words out of his mouth. “My back sucked”, the normally soft-spoken Dugdale told me. “I feel like it still needs to improve, but the gains I’ve made in the last two years have been incredible for me. I did heavy deadlifts for years and just went nowhere. I was frustrated by the fact that I was busting

Mark Dugdale burst on to the national bodybuilding scene in 2003 when he showed up at the USA Championships with a complete, shredded package that placed him right behind two now-Olympia competitors named Richard Jones and Kris Dim. While everyone saw Richard and Kris coming, Mark was the surprise, and talk, of the show. “Who was that guy in the light heavies? What a physique! He gave those guys all they could handle. Wait until next year.” Now let’s fast-forward one year. Same place…Vegas. Same contest…the USA Championships. Same weight

Being armed and dangerous is something that new pro Will “World” Harris is all too familiar with. Growing up on the mean streets of Los Angeles and being exposed to “the life” of the Bloods and Crips, being armed and dangerous was a means to survival. “I was on my own by the time I was a teenager and I saw a lot at a young age. Being armed was a necessary part of that life. But, that’s all in the past and I don’t believe in dwelling on it.

If you’ve been paying attention to the last few issues of your favorite magazine, you already know that new pro Will “World” Harris has one ridiculous upper body. Good ridiculous, not bad ridiculous. But Will realized long before his USA win that if he was to fulfill his goal of a pro card in 2004 that his success would rest on his legs. “My legs definitely needed to come up last year to be more balanced with my upper body. My back, delts and arms all grow so quickly that