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When you look at 2004 USA Heavyweight Bodybuilding Champion Will Harris’ physique, the first thing that probably strikes you is…nothing. And that’s really the point. Big Will’s physique is full, round and balanced, from his crazy shoulders and arms to his mind-boggling back and tiny midsection. His symmetrically balanced physique is one of balanced excellence, but that wasn’t always the case. “My chest lagged behind the rest of my upper body for years. It was frustrating as hell. I would pound it and pound it year after year and it

The light on my cell phone was blinking and the annoying, intermittent beeping sound it makes when I have a message wouldn’t stop. When I checked the message, I quickly discovered that the message was left at six in the morning. “Must be an East Coast call. Who the hell would call that early from the Westside?” I was wrong. “Q, (it’s a nickname), it’s World (also a nickname). I just finished cardio and I want you to take a look at how I look later today and tell me